About Me

Hi, I’m Judi Bar. I started this website as a way to share my story, connect with people and hopefully help inspire others to transform their lives and share their own stories.

About 15 years ago, I realized that everything going on in my life was “happening TO me” (like my “hopeless” chronic back problem.) But deep down there was an innate understanding as I observed life that I had more power over it then appeared.  I intensified my yoga practice, which included breath work, accessible yoga postures, meditation, mindfulness, affirmations, prayer, and clean eating.  I found I was able to heal my life, find peace and wellbeing no matter what life presented.

I wanted to give back and help others and began a yoga practice called HeartLight because I truly believe that as we unlearn our tendencies, thoughts and behaviors  we come back to our truest self and find deep love and compassion for ourselves and in turn others.  We find that HeartLight.

You will find posts related to all of the above on this site.  I am deeply privileged to part of your path.  Remember that you have everything you need inside of you.  Going within is the answer.  Find your path to your HeartLight then be it!  Be the Light!


Love and Deepest Blessings,


Yoga Program Manager, Cleveland Clinic Wellness

Find the good in every day, even our challenges can be blessings in disguise


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Twitter: @JudiBarYoga

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Instagram: @Judi_Bar

Email: Yoga@ccf.org

Studio portraits of Judi Bar for Health Hub

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Good morning Judi…
    A few years ago I came to your Rocky River office with severe back issues… I’m being treated for them through the pain management department at St. John Westshore… while that helps, their interventions pale in comparasion to the several movements you taught me to do while sitting in a chair.
    I’m so glad to see you are helping so many and that you are well…
    Bob Schuppel, LPCC, Child & Adolescent Clinical Counselor

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    1. HI Bob, I remember you and so glad to know that our work supported you. Remember to add breath and mindfulness to any stretching or physical therapy that you do and that will be yoga too. In meditation ask your pain what it is trying to tell you. Also one of my teachers does a wonderful class in Westlake on Friday mornings that could work for you.

      Westlake Community Services
      Phone: 440-899-3544
      Fax: 440-899-3548
      29694 Center Ridge Road
      Westlake, OH 44145
      blessings and Namaste! Judi


    1. HI Beverly for now we don’t have a mailing list. We will put the info on this web page. We will keep you informed as it develops.
      Love and light! Judi 🙂


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